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Cookies Journey 2017-2019

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Baba’s Whisk started out with selling only cookies. Cakes and other desserts were only slower added into our list of menus when we slowly venture. Why cookies you might ask? Or should we ask who doesn’t love cookies?

Cookie Testing

It wasn’t easy to get the perfect recipe and we won’t say that our recipe is the most perfect now. But we are constantly improving our recipe.

When we first started, we did a lot of cookie testing. For example, the type of butter, the type of flour, the amount of sugar, the flavours and even the baking time and temperature. It all affects the overall cookie results. Most of the time we baked till late night and we got to say we failed many times until to the point we almost gave up (thank god we didn’t).

Here are some photos of our failed cookies:

“Never give up because great things take time.”

We did many test trials with our neighbours and friends. Finally after close to 2 months of testing, we had finally set our recipe.

Other than the flavours that you can see on our website now:

• Raspberry Hazelnut

• Fruity Nutty

• Double Chocolate Chips Crunch

• Earl Grey

• Thai Milk Tea

We are still implementing and coming up with more new flavours to satisfy all your taste buds. yum yum

Try our cookies today!

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